Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of an Easy Track storage system?

Because they hang from a rail, Easy Track storage systems are easy to install and adjust, offer a variety of standard features, can also be easily customized, and are extremely sturdy.

Just how strong is an Easy Track rail?

With the rail properly mounted into the studs along your back wall, an 8-foot closet can hold up to 1,200 pounds.

How high should I hang the Easy Track rail?

We recommend that you hang the rail 76" from the floor (which will put the top of the product 84" from the floor). This height can be adjusted up or down a couple of inches according to your specific needs.

What tools will I need to install an Easy Track closet system?

You’ll want a stud finder, a tape measure, a level, a #2 Phillips drill head, a hacksaw (but only if you decide to cut the hanging rods and Easy Track rail), a drill, and 1/8" and 1/2" drill bits.

Do the vertical panels have to be touching the sides of my closet?

No. To stabilize the last vertical panel by the side wall, simply screw the shelves into the vertical panel instead of using the shelf pins. (Note: for white rods only) If you are using hanging rods in this section, you’ll also want to screw the rods and ends together.

What is the depth of your material?

All of our closet material is 14” deep. Hutches extend from 14” to 19” in the lower half of the unit.

How do I install a top shelf all the way across my closet?

Use shelf pins to hold each shelf at the top hole, or if you need to stabilize some of your verticals with the top shelf, screw in every other top shelf, then use shelf pins on the remaining shelves at the second hole. A shelf resting on pins sits higher than a shelf that has been screwed in, so your shelves will only be straight across if you use all shelf pins.

I have a closet with an odd width. How do I adjust the Easy Track starter unit to fit?

Make your adjustment in the double hanging section (rods) of your closet. Cut the closet rods to decrease the width of the starter unit for a better fit.